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Baptisms at Trailhead Church!

Death. Burial. Resurrection.

That is what we celebrated in our baptisms this weekend at Trailhead Church: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. He paid the price - we reap the benefit. So we celebrate.

And that's the way God wants it - Jesus was our substitute. He died our death under our judgment. He was crushed under the weight of our guilt and shame. He was immersed in our death because of our sin.

And then he rose again. The payment was complete and a new morning of forgiveness and life had dawned.

And we celebrate.

To be clear, we don't celebrate our obedience or good fortune. That's in there - but what we really celebrate is Jesus himself. We celebrate his love, his grace, his forgiveness, his initiative with us, his mercy, his work. We celebrate his performance for us, not our performance for him. We rest in the peace of God because Jesus made peace with God for us. We don't just celebrate what he has done - we celebrate him.

And so we are b…

In honor of Black Friday

So, I haven't posted in like two years, so I thought I would throw this up.  Whether you think Black Friday is an unsightly blemish on the pock-marked face of our culture's consumerism or you think it is our economy's Jack Bauer, ruthlessly showing up at the last moment to save the day, I hope you find this funny.