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Our Whimsical God: Consider the Platypus

So, yesterday, I wrote a blog that lamented my loss of childlike wonder and whimsy.  I proposed that this not only robbed my life of joy but that it also robbed God of glory.  We have a delightful God who delights in delighting us.  I proposed that the fact that we even have a sense of whimsical pleasure is simply an outgrowth of God's creative joy.

So, today, a case in point.  Exibit A: the platypus.

The Platypus is such an unusual animal that when it was first discovered, scientists assumed it was a hoax.  It simply doesn't make any sense.  Consider these facts about the Platypus:

It has the body of an otter, the bill and webbed feet of a duck, and the tail of a beaver.It's a carnivor, but it has no teeth (it feeds off the bottom of lakes and rivers using gravel to grind up its food).It swims gracefully, but the webbing on its feet retract to expose claws for walking on land and digging its burrow.It is a mammal, but it lays eggs (one of only two mammals to do so).Baby Pa…

The Whimsical Heart of God

So a friend posted a video on facebook that made me smile.  It was an advertisement with a very creative hook.  Essentially, they got people to text different words as they waited for a bus (words like "bored" or "hurry up") and then something funny would happen in response (a circus would show up or a blonde in a sports car would pull up and offer a ride).

As I watched the video, I found myself experiencing something that I simply don't experience much anymore.  A childlike experience called "whimsy" - a response of joy in my heart to a playfully creative or humorous experience.

Whimsy is what makes a place like Disney Land so attractive to a small child.  Children get lost in the colors, characters, and fantasy of being someplace that is designed simply do delight them.  I still remember the first time I rode the Pirates of the Caribbean - there was so much silliness, so many funny faces, so many details that existed for no other reason than to giv…