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Sanctified Diversity: Learning how to Keep in Step with the Gospel

Last Sunday (March 26, 2017), I preached a message at Trailhead Church in Edwardsville, IL, called Sanctified Diversity, looking at Paul's rebuke of Peter for not "keeping in step with the truth of the gospel." The clear implication of this passage is that it's not enough to only know the truth as a follower of Jesus. You must also lean in and learn to live out its implications in the difficult spaces of life. 

There are few areas that our culture needs us to lean in with gospel grace, humility, and empathy more than in the area of racial and cultural diversity. It's just not optional. We can be orthodox in our words and heretics with our lives, undermining the integrity of the message of the gospel because we are not walking in its power. To be true to the gospel, we need to do more than just believe its truths. We need to walk out their applications in our lives. 

My sermon was called Sanctified Diversity. You can follow that link to listen to it on Trailhead Chu…