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Resources to Help Us Process Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook was an overwhelming display of evil.  It left us with sorrow, pain, and a lot of questions.  I plan to write some thoughts about how the Bible has helped me process the overwhelming amount of suffering in the world, but I realize that many of my friends have questions and are looking for resources to help them process all of this from a Christian perspective now.
So, here are a few links to some short articles that can help you process all of this from a Christian perspective.  I hope these links may prove to be useful to you.
Albert Mohler, Rachel Weeping for her Children - The Massacre in Connecticut John Piper, How Does Jesus Come to Newtown Russell Moore, School Shootings and Spiritual Warfare Joey Newton, Weeping with those who weep, a first-hand response from Newtown Justin Taylor, 10 Reasons Why God Allows Suffering