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Trailhead Gets a (Virtual) Facelift

It's time to announce the release of Trailhead Church's website 3.0!  At a year-and-a-half in to our church life, we are on our third website - and our web presence is progressively improving in quality and content.

I am stoked - our site is attractive, easy to navigate, and packed with information about who we are, what events are happening, and how people can get involved.  Props to Kraig Hufstedler for taking the initiative to build us a new site and build a team to maintain it.  I liked his initiative so much, I rewarded him with a ton more work!  He freelances, by the way... so if your looking, I highly recommend his work!

Trailhead Church meets in Edwardsville, IL and we would love to see you if you want to visit!

Incredible Night Footage from the Space Station