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Turning Work into Worship

This week I preached the second-to-last sermon in our Deep Rest series at Trailhead Church called Rested Work.  The sermon series explores the nature of what the Bible calls Sabbath rest, and this message focuses on our need to have a good "theology of work" in order to be able to experience rest.

The central point of the message is that we need to turn our work into worship.  This means that whatever our work is - a minimum wage job, being a student or stay-at-home mom, or laboring in a white or blue collar career - we need to learn how to see our labor as worship.  What we do may not have eternal value (or even much temporal value), but how we do it does - because if we turn our work into worship,  we glorify the God who wired us to be creatively productive - to be culture makers.

So, in follow up to that sermon, here are a few pratical tips on how to prepare your heart to do this on a day-to-day basis.

Pray to Give Thanks

The first thing you can and should do is pray to g…